Plasma Pen® skin tightening (also known as “fibroblasting”) is an exciting new aesthetic technology that uses tiny bursts of plasma to tighten, firm and rejuvenate the skin. We often see immediate tightening of the skin, then it continues to stimulate fibroblasts in the skin to step up collagen production for months afterward. The treatment is a non-invasive, nonsurgical method to treat wrinkles, loose skin and scars on the face as well as the body. Unlike many skin tightening treatments, it can be used almost anywhere on the face or body, including in the upper eyelid area, under the eyes, crow’s feet, lip lines, neck and abdomen. Our top-of-the-line pen by Louise Walsh International is popular in the UK and Europe, with results reported to last 3 years or more.

What to Expect

Tiny pulses of plasma from the Plasma Pen are individually applied to the skin to create miniature dots or crusts on the skin. This micro-trauma to the skin often results in immediate tightening of the skin and triggers the body’s natural healing and regeneration process. Topical numbing cream is applied during the treatment, and most people feel minimal or no discomfort. You can go about normal activities the next day, but there will be tiny brown dots in the treatment area. No makeup is allowed for about one week.

Video about Plasma Pen® Fibroblasting

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