By Emily Graham, Guest Blogger

Pregnancy can be a time for joy, but it can also be a time for worry. Aside from common concerns over the health of your baby and the responsibilities of parenthood, you may also be concerned about preparing for pregnancy with a limited budget. Thankfully, there are some small measures you can take to make the months ahead more affordable and more enjoyable. Here are just a handful of budget-friendly pregnancy tips that can help.

Make Your Gender Reveal Affordable

Gender reveals can be such a wonderful way to share your baby news with the world, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your gender reveal announcement memorable. Instead of an elaborate and expensive event, consider keeping things more low-key with a simple, creative gender reveal. Kindred Bravely provides several examples, including inviting some family members over to help you decorate T-shirts with gender-colored paints, or having your dog help make your big announcement. These ideas can be fun to plan and carry out, and creative gender reveals make for some seriously amazing social media photos. You can also use budget-friendly food to celebrate this pregnancy milestone, like baking a gender reveal cake. Simply dye the cake layers the appropriate color for a fun reveal that will taste just as good as it looks.

Dress Your Baby Bump on a Limited Budget

Options for maternity clothes have definitely improved, but it can still be difficult for expectant moms to find maternity fashion that fits their style and budget. Many retailers are beginning to recognize this dilemma by carrying budget-friendly maternity clothes that help moms-to-be keep their baby bump dressed beautifully. For online shoppers, sites like Zulily and ASOS offer some really affordable pregnancy basics, but if you want to try before you buy, you can check out popular stores like Target and Old Navy. You can also opt out of maternity shopping, and try adjusting your current wardrobe to fit your changing body. If you do need some new options, look for wardrobe staples like leggings and flowy dresses, so you can get use out of the same items in post-partum months.

Prep Your Home With Low-Priced Baby Gear

Having a baby can mean making changes to your daily routine and lifestyle. But it can also mean making changes around your home, like stocking up on some baby essentials to keep you and your newborn safe and comfortable. In the nursery, you will need a crib, changing table, and baby monitor. You will also want to pick up a basin or tub, for safer baths, and a bouncy chair, to give your arms a break every now and then. Buying some basic baby gear can make life as a new parent so much simpler, and you’re sure to find other items to make caring and protecting your little one easier as well. Luckily, there are many stores that offer sales, rebates, and coupons on all the gear and essentials new parents need. Check in with these stores often, so you don’t miss out on shopping savings.

Review Your Health Coverage for Savings

Prepping your routine and your home for a new baby can seem like a major expense. However, one of the biggest expenses for expectant mothers is actually affording quality prenatal care. Health insurance coverage can make accessing care throughout your pregnancy much more affordable, and there are several options to fit varying needs and income levels. If your insurance plan comes with an FSA or HSA, you should also review the list of eligible items, so that you can take advantage of pre-tax savings. For those who find themselves pregnant and uninsured, there are also resources and assistance that can make accessing prenatal care and essentials easier for a healthier pregnancy and baby.

Being prepared for a new baby doesn’t need to put you over budget. With simple steps and savings, you can take care of pregnancy needs and wants without overspending. Start practicing these savvy tips now before you bundle of joy arrives.