By Lacie Martin, Guest Blogger

Breastfeeding is a special time in every mama’s life. The process of nourishing your little one and watching them develop is incredibly satisfying. However, it does come with its stress and expectations, such as the incredible pressure to get breastfeeding right and make it work.

If you want to build a self-care routine around your new role as a parent learning to breastfeed, Southwest Contemporary Women’s Care has got you covered. Read on for more.

Own Your Space

Try to ensure your space is calm, serene, and relaxing so that you can let go and breastfeed in peace. Clear the air, declutter and clean your preferred space well in advance of baby’s arrival.

Get the most comfortable nursing chair you can get your hands on, and fill a little basket with supplies like burp cloths, ointment, and more. Don’t forget your needs either; The Bump suggests keeping a book or your phone handy so you can do some passive browsing and relaxing. Complete the space with a playlist that sets the mood for conducive pumping and bonding time with your baby.

Always Be Prepared

Moms need to be prepared for virtually any scenario. This could be something as simple as keeping food handy in case the baby gets hungry, but it could also mean being ready to rush to the doctor at a moment’s notice. In addition to all the necessary supplies for your baby, make sure to keep an extra T-shirt in your bag, as well as hair ties, a phone charging cord, lip balm, and hand lotion.

When you’re a mom you’re going to worry, but you can certainly breathe a little easier if you take some time to baby proof now, to prep for when baby is mobile. Keep safety at the top of your mind when it comes to areas like your home office, where stray staples, rubber bands, and thumbtacks can easily end up in baby’s mouth. Also repair or replace any frayed electrical cords, and store other potential hazards like pens, pencils and scissors out of reach.

Make Time for Yourself

‘Me time’ may sound like a foreign phrase to most new mothers, but just remember that prioritizing yourself is critical. Here are some simple ways to incorporate self-care into your busy routine:

Shower: Make the time for a luxurious shower every day. It will set you back just 10-15 minutes, but the healing power of hot water is just what the doctor ordered for a mental refresh. Add in a face mask and moisturize your whole body to feel extra special.
Hydrate: Be sure to set up spare water bottles at your nursing station because you need those extra fluids to keep you going while breastfeeding! A couple of drinks of water throughout the day are great for a shot of energy and well-being.
Move: If you’re not quite ready to jump into the hard-core exercise programs that you did pre-baby, try to find little ways to move your body throughout the day. According to Babycenter, even a 30-minute slow walk or a restorative yin yoga session can do wonders to ease up those worry knots and leave you feeling refreshed.

Many new mothers stop taking the time for themselves as they get caught up with their baby’s needs. The fact is that you’ll likely be a better mom when you’re well-rested, present, and ready to give parenting your best shot.

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

We can’t say this enough – but you need to be getting at least six hours of sleep a day. Sleep loss can be a significant contributor to postpartum depression and stress, so try to get as much of it as you can. In addition, get your pumping done during the day so your baby has the bottle at night while you catch some zzz’s. Be sure to plan your sleep so as not to impact your supply.

The transition to being a new mother can often be filled with worries and anxieties. But taking time off to treat yourself and your newborn is important to be the best mama possible. And remember – self-care isn’t selfish. You are worthy and deserving of a healthy and joyful life too!

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