Working During Pregnancy

Working during pregnancy is a necessity for many pregnant women. Many ask how long a pregnant woman can or should continue working. A woman with an uncomplicated pregnancy and a healthy fetus may continue to work without interruption until the onset of labor as long as the job presents no potential hazards other than those encountered in normal, daily life. However, a doctor should make a specific recommendation on whether work can be continued throughout pregnancy. The suggestion depends on a woman’s current health and the type of job in question.

Women who have jobs that require them to stand all day sometimes should not work up until the due date. Women who spend more than four hours a day on their feet should seek a doctor’s recommendation as to whether it is safe to continue working based on their condition. A doctor may recommend that a woman stops working if the workplace contains environmental hazards, such as exposure to radiation or chemicals.

No matter what type of job you have avoid any strenuous activities, such as lifting heavy objects, or doing work that causes you to become tired.

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