OBGYN Services in Gilbert, Tempe, Phoenix, AZ

Several visits to the doctor are necessary during pregnancy. You may undergo several prenatal tests and exams during these appointments. It is helpful to know what to expect at these exams.

Your first visit will take more time than the later appointments. The healthcare provider will ask about your medical history. Your answers about other pregnancies, health problems, illnesses, sexually transmitted diseases, and lifestyle will help him or her decide the best care for you. The first physical exam will include both a pelvic and breast exam. The health care provider will also check your heart, lungs, eyes, ears, nose, and throat, and measure your weight and height.

Your blood, urine, and blood pressure will be tested. The health care provider will take a culture of your cervix and a Pap smear to check for possible problems that might affect your pregnancy. Your healthcare provider will talk with you about a prenatal plan that fits your needs.  He or she will review a schedule of doctor’s visits, diet, exercise, and special considerations.

Regular visits to the doctor will help ensure you and your baby stay healthy with all of the changes that pregnancy brings to your body. Your healthcare provider will check your weight, blood pressure, urine, and listen to your baby’s heartbeat at every visit.  He or she may also suggest other tests, depending on your health, age, family history, and racial or ethnic background.